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“Success is the sum of details”, Harvey Firestone once said. Almost 80 years after his passing, his business Firestone Tire is still a thriving household name. Mr. Firestone knew that the little details matter and he made it a priority not to sweep anything under the rug but instead faced each challenge head-on. Whatever the size of the goal you strive for, it’s the details that make the difference between success and failure. 


Here at Vector Risk Solutions we truly believe that details matter. We also know that every client and every claim deserve to be treated for what they are, an individual case. Every claim is different, and when claims are bundled into one group or category sometimes the little details can be missed. This means somewhere along the line there is a negative and unfair impact. So we decided to do something different and make a change in how claims are dealt with.


To give you the best service out there, we offer customized plans that specifically target whatever needs may arise with your claim or business. This means we discuss exactly what you need, and find the best course of action to help continue the growth and success of your business. With experts in the fields of catastrophe adjusting, commercial agribusiness, commercial claims, flood claims, liability, TPA & consulting services as well as appraisal services, we are qualified and prepared to take on any challenge. 


What is it that you and your policyholders need most? Whatever it is, Vector Risk Solutions can help direct the course of your business by creating a customized service with your needs at the forefront. Serving the midwest and southern United States, our mission is to focus on our clients, providing a superior claims experience. We promise to handle every detail with integrity, ingenuity, & excellence.

Vector Risk Solutions is the Team to Hire for Claim Services

Here at Vector Risk Solutions, we have built our team of independent insurance adjusters around three founding principles: integrity, ingenuity, & excellence. These principles can be traced through the core of our company, as we strive for internal consistency throughout our staff – a team of independent adjusters who know the claims industry inside and out. As a unified team, we are able to provide unparalleled service in all areas of claims adjusting.

As an insurance adjusting firm, we provide claim, TPA, and consulting services ideal for self-insured clients, captives, mutual insurers, re-insurers, and insurance carriers. Claim handling is what we know best, and what we have learned through years of service is the value of knowledge an IA firm’s team can provide.

With our unique way of analyzing a client’s claims process and performance metrics, we are able to provide innovative and efficient changes that can significantly lower loss adjustment expenses. It also allows us to reduce overall loss exposure, increase settlement accuracy and improve customer service and client retention.

Just as our company is based on three founding principles, our consulting plan revolves around three simple ideas. First, a “Claims Processing Assessment” in which we identify and analyze the issues that are hurting performance metrics. Next, a “Strategic Adaptation” plan is created. In this step, we ensure that everyone is on the same page from the employee to the client. Third is the “Training and Implementation” process, in which we provide training for your corporate leadership, management teams, staff adjusters, and other claims professionals.

Whether you are in need of an adjusting firm for outside or inside adjusting services, Vector Risk Solutions has the resources to meet your needs.  We are here to help our clients navigate away from the complexity of end-to-end claims processing, and toward a model of efficiency and stability. We seek to build a relationship with our clients that encompasses our founding principles and leads everyone to the highest level of success.

Preparing for Storm Season


The NHC has predicted 14 named storms for the 2019 hurricane seasons, with 7 of them being hurricanes and an additional 3 storms being major hurricanes. This prediction is around the yearly average over the past 70 years, and that’s why it’s surprising to learn that most businesses and homeowners  don’t have a risk management plan in place.


In 2018, Hurricane Michael caused major devastation to the Florida panhandle and surrounding areas, and today they are still struggling to recover. After the storm hits, Vector Risk Solutions should be a crucial part of your plan. Let our adjusters do what we do best so that your clients and policyholders can have true peace of mind during the recovery process.


From June 1st to November 30th is the highest likelihood of a hurricane occurrence. That is a six-month timespan! The insurance claims adjusters here at Vector Risk Solutions are ready for all-systems-go at the drop of a hat and during storm season they know they’ll need to grab more than just their umbrella on the way out to the job.


Vector Risk Solutions has a team of catastrophe claims adjusters ready to be on-site the day after a storm so that insurance carriers can help their policyholders expedite the recovery from their loss. We prepare our claims adjusters in advance and with our wide net of credentialed adjusters throughout the midwest and southeastern areas of the United States we are able to get to work quickly and efficiently. We are proud to be expertly serving these regions and are dedicated to providing unsurpassed attention to details and the highest quality of customer service during times of extreme distress to provide a superior claim experience.

Vector Risk Solutions – The IA Team You Can Rely On

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

These words from Helen Keller ring true with a pearl of timeless and undeniable wisdom, and at Vector Risk Solutions we believe that what we do impacts all whom we work with. That’s why we cover catastrophe adjusting in agribusiness, commercial agribusiness and flood industries. With extensive and specialized knowledge in these specific fields of catastrophe adjusting, we set ourselves apart from other IA firms with a strong conviction of teamwork and reliability. We provide services that include claims management, assignment, review, auditing, consulting, and desk review. We also can create customized service for our individual client needs, so that no one is left without a team.  

Adjusting Experts in the Midwest & Southeast

The independent adjusters here at Vector Risk Solutions have specific knowledge in handling claims throughout the Midwest and Southeast of the United States. With knowledge and experience in dealing with everyday claims, as well as terrible catastrophes, we understand the importance of providing top-notch customer service and rapid response. We are committed to delivering the best to our clients, so they can provide their policyholders with the best and most efficient adjusters in the business.

When times are tough and the future is unclear, Vector Risk Solutions has a mission to focus on our clients, providing them and their policyholders with a superior claims experience. With determined clarity in times of catastrophe, you can rely on us to work swiftly and efficiently. Choosing Vector Risk Solutions is choosing security. Choose Vector Risk Solutions, and together we prevail.   

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