Customize Your Service Needs With Our Independent Adjuster Firm

customize your service plans with an independent adjuster firm in midwest and southwest

“Success is the sum of details”, Harvey Firestone once said. Almost 80 years after his passing, his business Firestone Tire is still a thriving household name. Mr. Firestone knew that the little details matter and he made it a priority not to sweep anything under the rug but instead faced each challenge head-on. Whatever the size of the goal you strive for, it’s the details that make the difference between success and failure. 


Here at Vector Risk Solutions we truly believe that details matter. We also know that every client and every claim deserve to be treated for what they are, an individual case. Every claim is different, and when claims are bundled into one group or category sometimes the little details can be missed. This means somewhere along the line there is a negative and unfair impact. So we decided to do something different and make a change in how claims are dealt with.


To give you the best service out there, we offer customized plans that specifically target whatever needs may arise with your claim or business. This means we discuss exactly what you need, and find the best course of action to help continue the growth and success of your business. With experts in the fields of catastrophe adjusting, commercial agribusiness, commercial claims, flood claims, liability, TPA & consulting services as well as appraisal services, we are qualified and prepared to take on any challenge. 

What is it that you and your policyholders need most? Whatever it is, Vector Risk Solutions can help direct the course of your business by creating a customized service with your needs at the forefront. Serving the midwest and southern United States, our mission is to focus on our clients, providing a superior claims experience. We promise to handle every detail with integrity, ingenuity, & excellence.