Catastrophe Claims Adjuster – South Dakota

Vector Risk Solutions is South Dakota’s premier catastrophe and daily claims adjusting company. We are an independent adjusting firm that focuses on each client individually in order to fulfill their specific claims related demands and needs. At Vector, we set strong expectations of our independent adjusters, and it is our goal to become your preferred insurance adjusting firm to process your claims in the Agribusiness, Commercial Agribusiness, Liability, Catastrophe, and Flood industries.

If you have clients or policyholders who have recently experienced a loss and are in need of an independent adjuster, turn to Vector Risk Solutions. We have a large network of independent adjusters and staff standing by ready to assist you in claims management, inspection, assignment, review, auditing, consulting, desk review and many other insurance adjusting services that are customized to each of our client’s individual needs.

Commercial Agribusiness Claims Adjuster

Your clients rely on their commercial agribusiness so when disaster strikes, and need to find a commercial agribusiness claims adjuster, let Vector Risk Solutions step in. Our commercial agribusiness adjusters are certified trained professionals in the field. We work with major insurance companies across South Dakota handling some of the most complex agribusiness claims. We have a proven track record of managing large commercial agribusiness losses from the cradle to the grave.

Commercial Adjuster

A commercial property loss can happen at any time, and we understand the adverse effects this can have on any business. Be prepared and have a commercial property claims adjuster ready for when your policyholder needs them the most. Our team of commercial claims adjusters are prepared to handle both daily and catastrophe losses across the state of South Dakota.  

South Dakota Flood Adjuster

Here in South Dakota, we receive a significant amount of rainfall which can lead to severe flood damage. We have flood adjusters located throughout South Dakota that are experienced in residential, manufactured home/travel trailer, small commercial, large commercial and condominium flood claims. If you are in need of an NFIP-certified flood adjuster, contact Vector Risk Solutions today!

Liability Claims

Finding a reliable, local liability claims adjuster isn’t always easy in South Dakota. Our team of local, liability adjusters is dedicated to providing our clients with thorough investigations to assist in making accurate liability determinations and settlements.

Our adjusters are experienced with third-party investigations, scene investigations, recorded statements, obtaining emergency service reports and many other facets of a liability claim investigation.

TPA & Consulting Adjuster

As an independent claims adjusting company in South Dakota, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most reliable third-party administrator and consulting services. Vector Risk Solutions TPA & Consulting staff understands all aspects of the claims process. We seek to handle our client’s consulting needs with the highest amount of integrity and customer service. Our Third Party Administration services provide improved claim results and increases in client retention so our clients can navigate away from the complexity of end-to-end claims processing.

For more information or questions about our adjusting services, call us at 800-451-0798 or email us at