Flood Claims

Flood Claims

Living in the Southern US, chances for flooding are pretty high. Vector Risk Solutions handles a wide variety of flood claims.

Vector Risk Solutions flood adjusters are capable of handling single assignment flood claims as well as handling large quantities of claims associated with large catastrophic flooding events.

As a general rule of thumb in terms of filing a flood claim, there are many complex issues involved. One of many unique coverage issues is related to the definition of ‘flood’ under the NFIP. In order to qualify as a flood, there must be a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties from an overflow of inland or tidal waters.

Our flood claim adjusters are all well trained and have professional experience in the field to conduct all types of analysis on differing flood damages.

Flood Adjusting Services

Here at Vector Risk Solutions, we don’t leave anyone behind. We will do everything to ensure that our clients and their insureds are receiving the best help when dealing with a flood loss. We have qualified adjusters in the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Manufactured home/ travel trailer
  • Small commercial
  • Large commercial

Our process is simple. Upon receiving an assignment, we send a flood adjuster out to inspect the property as soon as the flood waters start to recede. All Vector Risk Solutions flood adjusters are NFIP Certified Professionals who work quickly and efficiently to assess the damages and facilitate the claim process. We understand the complex nature and unique situations of each flood claim.

Our Flood Management Team provides guidance and quality assurance on every file they handle. In order to stay in compliance with state regulations and to keep our clients coming back, we are continuing to improve our flood team with annual participation in workshops and ongoing training’s. The Vector Risk Solutions team of flood adjusting professionals understand the complexity of flood claims. We value our work and take pride in providing our clients and their clients with excellent customer service.

If your policyholder is experiencing a flood loss and you need to provide them with a trusted, reliable, and accurate adjuster, turn to Vector Risk Solutions.

For more information and any questions, contact info@vectorrisksolutions.com.