Liability Claims Adjusting

Liability Claims & Investigations

Our team of adjusters are standing by ready to assist our clients with a wide variety of liability related losses. We offer the following liability services:

  • Commercial and Residential Construction and Contractor Liability Claims
  • Third-party Liability Claim investigations
  • Crop Liability Claims
  • Vehicle and machinery accident scene inspections
  • Timber and Forestry Claims
  • Product liability

We are dedicated to providing our clients with thorough investigations to assist in making accurate liability determinations and assisting with settlement negotiations. We pride ourselves in producing timely, accurate, reliable investigations that exceed our client’s expectations. Our adjusters represent a large database of claims professionals with liability specific training, technology and technical expertise required for these types of losses. Vector Risk Solutions adjusters are located throughout the Midwest, Southeast, & Great Plains. We can be on the site within 24 hours of any loss to provide our clients and their policyholders with a rapid, accurate response.

Why Vector?

Successful casualty claims handling is dependent upon experience and good judgement over a foundation of attention to quality and consistent communication. At Vector Risk Solutions, we handle a large array of liability claims dealing with many wide variety of claim scenarios.

Our team has the capability of handling all aspects of a liability claim investigation. We offer professional and experienced liability claims adjusters who understand the importance of a prompt and thorough field investigation. Our adjusters are experienced in conducting a full scene investigation, taking record statements, obtaining specialty reports and providing our clients with any of the necessary documents needed to process a liability loss.

At Vector Risk Solutions, no claim is too big or too small. We have a team standing by ready to assist you and your client right when you need it as our specialists can be on-site within 24 hours to assess damages and start the claims investigation process.Vector Risk Solutions adjusters have the technical and business expertise across multiple industries – commercial, business, residential, retail and heavy equipment. Trust the adjusters at Vector Risk Solutions. We have a knowledgeable and experienced team of adjusters capable of meeting you and your clients specific needs. When it comes to liability related issues, you can rest assured that our liability adjusters will be there to provide you with the exact support you need. No matter the extent to your policyholder’s circumstance, choose Vector Risk Solutions for unparalleled service!

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