Hire an IA Firm for Commercial Agribusiness & Crop Insurance Claims

Has this happened to you?  A large loss, high-exposure commercial ag claim lands on your desk.  The insured is clamoring, and the pressure is on to expedite the inspection and keep the policyholder happy during a time of extreme stress and worry.  The claim involves damage to structures, grain stock, equipment, and the loss has long term implications for the insured and a business interruption claim will definitely follow the loss.  Quick, what’s your best play? Assign the claim to a staff adjuster with a full load of different types of claims, or call in an independent agribusiness claims adjuster at Vector Risk Solutions?  The winning play, combining speed, thoroughness, and specialized commercial agribusiness adjusting that makes you look good, is Vector Risk Solutions. You knew we’d say that, right? But why? With an (overloaded) staff adjuster more than capable of handling the loss, why Vector?

crop insurance claims and commercial agribusiness claimsFor one, most staff adjusters, depending on their experience level, are generalists who address a variety of commercial and commercial ag claims.  You and your insureds know, though, that agribusiness isn’t like selling paper or manufacturing computer components. Agribusiness involves specialized facilities for the housing, storage, and processing of harvested crops and animals.  Many commodities and animals require specific conditions of climate, weather, and pest/disease management inside of these facilities. A commercial ag claim, in particular, requires an adjuster with both a broad knowledge of commercial ag insurance policies and specialized knowledge of losses related to commercial agribusiness property damages.

Generic settlement recommendations don’t settle complicated ag claims.  The settlement drags out, wasting more money and time. The insured is angry and decides his carrier doesn’t understand the nuances of his ag business and isn’t qualified to insure it.

Independent commercial ag adjusters at Vector Risk Solutions, equipped with specialized knowledge and ready for swift action on your request, reassure the insured that their claim is in good hands. Best of all, our commercial ag adjusters make difficult settlement decisions easier and that makes you look good.

P.S: We handle crop liability and agronomy-related claims too!!

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