Catastrophe Claims
Our mission is to focus on our clients to provide them and their policyholders with a superior catastrophe claims experience.
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Commercial Agribusiness
Our adjusters and staff are experienced in assessing, estimating, and reviewing commercial agribusiness damages to provide timely and accurate recommendations to our clients.
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Liability Claims
Our team has the capability of handling all aspects of a liability claim investigation. We offer professional and experienced liability claims adjusters who understand the importance of a prompt and thorough field investigation.
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Daily Claims
Property losses can happen at any time and can vary from a relatively minor loss to one that significantly impacts your policyholder. We are committed to delivering the best to our clients so that they can provide their policyholders with the best and most efficient adjusters in the business.
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Catastrophe Claims

Catastrophe can happen at any moment, turning everything upside down. Vector Risk Solutions is the team to turn to for catastrophe claims. Our team has experienced catastrophe claims adjusters located throughout the Midwest and Southern United States standing by ready to be on-site to assess the damages the very next day. Vector Risk Solutions’ catastrophe adjusters have professional experience in the field for all major catastrophe events.

As a Catastrophe Adjusting Firm, we set ourselves apart from independent adjusting companies as we set stronger expectations of our work and our extensive knowledge in the Agribusiness, Commercial Agribusiness and Flood industries inside and out. Some of our services include claims management, assignment, review, auditing, consulting, desk review and many other services that can be specifically customized to our individual client needs.

When it comes to catastrophe claims, flood claims, liability claim, or TPA services, let Vector Risk Solutions help you and your clients out. As a team, during any catastrophe, it is important for our clients to feel that they have partnered with someone that places them first and offers customers quality service that is industry-leading. Choose a team that puts you and your policyholders first. Choose Vector Risk Solutions.

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Serving the Southeast, Midwest, & Great Plains

Vector Risk Solutions has independent adjusters located throughout a large area of the United States, including the Southeast, Midwest & Great Plains. Our adjusters and staff have knowledge and experience working catastrophe events and daily claims related to an array of perils, whether it be flooding, tornado, hail, hurricane, or another disaster. We understand how important it is to provide top-notch customer service and rapid response after a major catastrophe. Our services can be implemented at a moment’s notice. We are committed to delivering the best to our clients, so they can provide their policyholders with the best and most efficient adjusters in the business.