About Us

Bradley Stephens, CGA is the founder and executive director of Vector Risk Solutions.  Mr. Stephens is a very respected General Adjuster with a distinguished 10+ year career in insurance claims, commercial and residential construction, professional consulting and networking.

He grew up working on a multitude of farms including Equine, Poultry, Swine, and small Dairies. He attended William Jewell College just outside Kansas City where he studied critical thinking, religion, and philosophy and met his beautiful wife, Liesa Stephens of Shawnee, KS before they both finally settled in North Alabama.

His passion for the insurance industry is reflected by his extensive claims background which includes catastrophe work for residential, commercial, and flood losses, commercial agribusiness claims, commercial large-loss, TPA work, and processing a broad spectrum of liability related losses. His leadership skills include business management, consulting, claims dispatching, storm site management, desk adjusting, networking, adjuster mentoring, and other claims related consulting services.

Mr. Stephens is the executive director for the Agricultural Claims Association where he invests a portion of his time to the development and training of Ag related claims adjusters both independent and staff. He manages a social network of over 7,000 claims adjusters where he actively advises, networks, and communicates with adjusters on an almost daily basis. Mr. and Mrs. Stephens are currently foster parents and very strong advocates for the Alabama Foster/Adoptive Parent Association.


Jimmy Eubanks is a very respected sales and marketing person with a distinguished 12+ year career in the insurance industry. His passion for assisting his clients has led him to become a predominant salesman and predominant marketing figure in the industry.

Mr. Eubanks was born and raised in eastern Oklahoma. He attended University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma where he studied marketing, advertising and finance.

Jimmy moved to Texas over 15 years ago and transitioned into the insurance industry.

Mr. Eubanks is very active with the Dallas Claims Association and invests a portion of his time in the planning and implementation of the Annual DCA Charity Golf Tournament. His ongoing commitment has assisted with the yearly fundraising to support the scholarships, donations, and grants that are given on behalf of the DCA to organization such as the Wounded Warrior, Dallas Food Pantry and many other local and national charities.