Insurance Adjuster Training & Consulting Experts

get training and consultation for insurance adjusters from our experts“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  These wise and observant words from Benjamin Franklin remind us of two things – that we learn from others, and that we remember what we learn by involvement. At Vector Risk Solutions we believe that together we can be better, and that’s why we offer specialized consulting services

Whether you require consulting and training for your claims department, underwriting department, or even your executive leadership team, we have the resources to meet your needs. With our extensive experience in claims management, we are leveraging our infrastructure for our clients, helping to navigate away from the complexity of end-to-end claims processing. With three simple principal steps, our consulting plan will lead you towards self-propelling success

Step 1: Identify the issues

This is where we conduct a ‘Claims Processing Assessment’ and make an analysis of any potential issues. Looking at your metrics and claims process from start to finish, we listen to the concerns and ideas of your employees, vendors, and clients. We do a complete investigation when helping you identify the issues that are hurting performance metrics.

Step 2: Create the plan

Through strategic adaptation, we create a plan that not only corrects the issues you are facing but ensures that this plan embraces your company’s core values and leadership models. We put this plan into writing and develop training modules that can be put into effect from the management level all the way to the adjuster. We also make sure that this plan is clearly communicated to everyone, from the employee to the client.

Step 3: Equipping Innovators

What good is any of this without training and implementation? We would be leaving you on the edge if we didn’t follow through with this third step. We not only identify your issues and create a custom plan that meets your needs, but we ensure that you feel equipped to implement this plan. We empower you to empower your employees by providing onsite/offsite training for your corporate leadership, management teams, staff adjusters, and other claims professionals. 

The consulting services we offer are: 

  • Claims processing, assessment, and perpetration
  • Adjuster/Management Training Programs
  • Client Retention Analysis
  • Client Experience assessment

We handle our clients’ consulting needs with the highest amount of integrity and customer service. With our founding principles – Integrity, Ingenuity, & Excellence – we build a relationship with our clients that teaches and directly involves your team so that what is learned is retained. 

For any questions you may have about our consulting process, please contact us at