Construction Claims & Defect Experts

construction claims and construction defect expertsDeficiencies in how a building is designed, built, operated or maintained, are the causes of construction defects. Defects in construction range from minor problems like drooping gutters and peeling paint to situations when an entire structure must be bulldozed. Other problems include code violations, faulty design, cracked foundations, substandard workmanship, and unsafe structures.

Everyone associated with the project, from general contractors to architects, electricians, and roofers, can be impacted by a construction defect claim. The toll on a company’s finances and its reputation can be distressing. Vector Risk Solutions has a mission to focus on precisely what our clients and their policyholders need and to make the claims process and smooth as possible.


Some of the common construction defect claims we are assigned involve:

  • Quality of work issues
  • Code violations
  • Scope of work violations
  • Design deficiencies
  • Product or material insufficiencies
  • Operation & maintenance issues  
  • Construction process failures
  • Catastrophic Failure

Construction defect litigation can become complex and very expensive. For an insurance carrier to mitigate exposure, it is crucial to work quickly and efficiently to investigate the facts, identify related parties, and document the claim. That’s where Vector comes in. We know it is important that adjusters act quickly upon receipt of a new construction defect claim. In order to limit exposure and ensure the most efficient expenditure of defense costs, a rapid response is necessary.

Vector Risk Solutions is here to investigate construction-related losses and help ensure you are properly covered with any issues you may face. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the construction defect claims process will save you time and money, keeping you out of the lawyer’s office and in your own office. The expert team at Vector is here to ensure that liability can be quickly and appropriately determined.